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Varnauskas, Rimantas

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Alfa - Lithuania | 27/01/2015

Putin lacks integrity for Auschwitz ceremony

It's entirely appropriate that Russian President Putin will not attend the ceremony marking the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz extermination camp, the portal Alfa writes: "It's clear that such commemorations are important in diplomacy. Not because of the resolutions that are adopted there, but to show respect for the innocent victims of the Nazi regime. And so that such atrocities that send shivers down the spine of every civilised person will not be repeated. But ensuring that requires at least a modicum of integrity, conscience and responsibility vis-à-vis the international community. Russia's war against Ukraine clearly demonstrates the very opposite of those qualities."

Alfa - Lithuania | 10/07/2013

Latvia profits from Lithuanian overconfidence

The EU finance ministers gave the green light for Latvia to join the Eurozone in 2014 on Tuesday. When the Baltic state asked the International Monetary Fund for a loan five years ago it was interpreted as a sign of weakness by the political elite in neighbouring Lithuania, the web portal Alfa recalls: "When it was on the brink of ruin Lithuania had refused help from the IMF and instead sought to raise billions in loans on the international markets. … However the government at the time had overlooked an important detail: loans from the IMF are far cheaper than those on the international markets… The 'powerless' Latvians have now been invited to join the Eurozone next year (regardless of how bad the prognosis for the euro is, this will still boost its economy). Meanwhile the 'politically potent' Lithuanians will go on making nice speeches about introducing the euro but postpone the date again every year."

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