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Valkov, Iliya

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Sega - Bulgaria | 19/08/2013

Bulgarians don't trust each other any more

After more than two months of political crisis and anti-government protests in Bulgaria, one of the key factors keeping Bulgarian society together is gradually being eroded, the daily Sega complains: "Trust is breaking down among the Bulgarians, and also between the people and their institutions, between the employers and the workers, and even between the generations. All of this is ample proof that society and the state are in decline. Because trust means predictability. It welds people together. It creates tolerance, solidarity, and respect for the success and accomplishments of one's fellow citizens. In a society without trust, by contrast, the most obscure prejudices run riot: the rich are dirty swines and traitors who exploit the people, the politicians are their servants, and the institutions are the feeding grounds of incompetent civil servants."

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