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Švagrová, Marta

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Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 21/08/2015

Marta Švagrová calls on people to remember the Prague Spring

Today, Friday, marks the anniversary of the invasion by the Warsaw Pact troops that crushed the Prague Spring in 1968. How can the memory of this event be kept alive, asks feature writer Marta Švagrová in the conservative daily Lidové noviny: "When our son, who was in the first grade at school at the time, once discovered a well-hidden photo album with pictures from 1968 of tanks, barricades and bloody flags, we were shocked. We had wanted to keep those pictures from our children until we thought they were ready to see them. But when is the best time to tell young people the truth? Perhaps as early as possible. When young people go to university yet don't have any idea about what their grandmothers went through half a century ago, then it's too late. It doesn't occur to the young to ask questions if their families remain silent. True, there are films and recordings that are broadcast on the television and radio around August 21st every year. But nothing can replace the personal memories one can pass on. As long as those who experienced it are still alive."

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