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Šusteková, Monika

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Blog Sme - Slovakia | 21/03/2012

Slovakians champions at self-critique

When asked about national stereotypes, Slovakian university students and school children only think of negative qualities to describe their countrymen, the teacher Monika Šusteková complains in her blog for the liberal daily Sme: "Are we really monsters? Certainly not. There is much good in this country. Compared with other nations we are generous and helpful. Our charitable campaigns collecting donations for the needy prove this. We are quite industrious and can boast a number of successful individuals, many of whom have also made a go of it abroad. And many Czech youths study at prestigious foreign universities. We offer our seats to the elderly in the tramway and friendships last our whole lives. We spend a lot of time with our children. ... All of this sounds like a matter of course. But anyone who's lived abroad knows that's not what things are like everywhere. However we Slovakians are experts in criticising ourselves. Compared with other nations we have a lack of self-assurance and national pride."

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