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Urvoy, Michel

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1.  Ouest France - France | 09/03/2015

Dangerous fear of the Front National

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls admitted on Sunday in a television interview that he feared the far right Front National could achieve record results in ... » more

2.  Ouest France - France | 29/10/2014

Dead French protester a victim of the system

The 21-year-old student Rémi Fraisse died on the weekend during a demonstration against a planned dam in southern France. Protesters blame the law enforcement officers ... » more

3.  Ouest France - France | 30/04/2013

Crisis requires European defence policy

The new White Paper on Defence came out in France on Monday. Apart from cutting back 24,000 jobs, the report recommends anchoring France's defence policy ... » more

4.  Ouest France - France | 24/04/2013

Hollande provoked the protests

France's government has dealt irresponsibly with the topic of same-sex marriage and is therefore responsible for provoking the protests, the regional daily Ouest France contends: ... » more

5.  Ouest France - France | 09/04/2013

Morals alone won't save Hollande

French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault announced on Monday that in reaction to the fraud scandal triggered by ex-budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac, the financial circumstances of ... » more

6.  Ouest France - France | 27/04/2011

Danger for European integration

The plans of Italy and France to reform the Schengen Agreement threaten European integration, writes the daily Ouest France: "This episode is indicative of the ... » more

7.  Ouest France - France | 16/03/2010

Why so many didn't vote

The low turnout of only 46.5 percent in the French regional elections has come as a surprise to many. The regional daily Ouest France explains ... » more

8.  Ouest France - France | 20/02/2009

France must help the overseas departments

The regional newspaper Ouest France comments on a decision by the French government to provide financial support to the French overseas departments: "Seventy-four days after ... » more


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