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Ćurić, Dražen

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Večernji list - Croatia | 30/07/2015

Croatia has had enough of Slovenia's arrogance

Croatia's withdrawal from the arbitration proceedings for resolving its Piran Bay border conflict with Slovenia in the northern Adriatic is partly a result of Slovenia's arrogance, the conservative daily Večernji List explains: "In the same way Greece needlessly ruffled its feathers in the Southern Balkans, Slovenia has shamelessly exploited its geopolitical position. It left Yugoslavia without major problems and the procedure for joining Nato and the EU was a mere formality. Ever since Slovenia has been treating all countries south of the River Kupa like colonies for its products rather than partners. … Slovenia's small-mindedness and immaturity was revealed when Croatia was to be accepted into the EU. Even its EU partners were annoyed by Slovenia's dogged pursuit of its own interests."

Večernji list - Croatia | 21/11/2014

Serbia must also impose sanctions on Russia

Johannes Hahn, the new EU Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement, visited Serbia on his first official foreign trip. He called on the country's politicians to join the EU in its policy of sanctions against Russia. As an accession candidate Serbia should take the call seriously, but Serbian Prime Minister Vučić is once again trying to square the political circle, the conservative daily Večernji List criticises: "Vučić deserves the Nobel Prize in Mathematics for this masterpiece. He maintains he's found a formula that will allow Serbia to move westward and respect Ukraine's territorial integrity while at the same time not having to impose sanctions on Russia. But such a luxury was formerly only granted the non-allied Yugoslavia. A country that wants to be a full member of the EU must also adhere to the common foreign policy. It's open to discussion whether this policy towards Russia is sensible, nevertheless it has to be followed by all member states."

Večernji list - Croatia | 17/04/2014

CIA and KGB playing evil games in Ukraine

CIA chief John Brennan paid a secret visit to Ukraine on the weekend. For the conservative daily Večernji List this is a sign that the country has become a plaything for the Americans and Russia, and in this game there is a clear loser: "Obama and Putin are up to their necks in the Ukrainian quicksand. The divided and impoverished country has become a playing field on which they are locking horns and battling for influence. The Americans have direct influence over the new Ukrainian government but the Russians have an effective agent network that spans the entire country. The two major powers can trigger a civil war whenever they choose to, but they can just as well set a peace process in motion any time. ... But if it comes to serious confrontations and tougher sanctions, the EU will suffer the most economic damage. Perhaps certain centres of power have deliberately brought the situation to a head in order to put a halt to the full political recognition of the EU - and its most important member Germany?"

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