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Šupová, Tereza

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Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 25/02/2012

Deal with Kosovo brings Serbia closer to EU

Serbia and Kosovo agreed on Friday in Brussels how to manage their joint border and how Kosovo can play its role on the international stage without Serbia recognising it as an independent state. The compromise, which comes just before the EU ministers decide on Serbia's EU candidacy today, Monday, will help Belgrade's cause, the conservative daily Lidové noviny notes: "The agreement came literally in the last minute. And there is one reason why it has come now: the Serbs are under pressure. They wanted to attain the status of EU candidate country back in December. … Now their second chance is nearing. … Serbia has earned the candidate status. It is making the effort to fulfil all the criteria and is doing no worse than neighbouring Croatia. If it doesn't receive candidate status this could play right into the hands of the nationalists in the May elections. That would be a step backwards." 

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 17/06/2008

Sarkozy puts Czechs under pressure

During a meeting yesterday in Prague with the heads of government of the Visegrad countries, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, French President Nicolas Sarkozy made it clear that the Lisbon process must continue even after the Irish No. The Czechs have so far refused to declare their commitment to the Treaty. The conservative daily Lidove Noviny writes: "He [Sarkozy] did not actually call directly on Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek to ratify the Lisbon Treaty. He chose an indirect approach: 'We will give you time to decide, but we do not want to waste time.' At the same time he warned: 'The Czech Republic calls for EU enlargement in the Balkans. But without Lisbon there will be no further enlargement.' Despite this warning neither Sarkozy nor the other participants received a clear answer [from Topolanek]."

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