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Žunec, Darja Lukman

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Večer - Slovenia | 19/10/2015

Consumers must help Slovenia's farmers

Roughly 3,000 Slovenian farmers demonstrated against unfair agricultural policies in eight cities across the country on Sunday. The farmers blame the politicians, the big retailers and the banks for the losses incurred by small farms. The liberal daily Večer suggests that the farmers try a different tactic: "Perhaps instead of looking for enemies they should be seeking allies: consumers who despite the higher trade margins are willing to buy Slovenian products for a few cents more. Or even better: consumers willing to boycott the big stores and buy at local markets or cooperatives. Perhaps one day such consumers will even set up their own cooperatives the way they do in Italy, so that they can buy farm products in their own, less opulent stores and pay not much more than the wholesale price."

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