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Żukowski, Mirosław

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Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 01/12/2015

Hamburg's no to Olympics is part of a trend

In a referendum on the weekend the citizens of Hamburg voted against the city's bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games. A growing number of people are taking a critical view of huge sporting events, the conservative daily Rzeczpospolita comments: "This rejection is further proof that as the world experiences one shock after the next, sport is also in a crisis - not just due to doping and corruption. It's very hard to convince people that the Games are a great honour from which they stand to gain. Because anyone who does their homework knows that that's not how things stand. These two-week parties are bound up with huge expenses that always seem to put a larger burden on the budget than planned. … The people are simply no longer willing to accept that the costs for these huge events should be borne by the host countries and municipalities while sports federations like the IOC, Fifa and Uefa rake in most of the profits."

Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 20/09/2013

Polish clubs bow down to hooligans

The Union of European Football Associations Uefa has ruled that the Polish club Legia Warschau must play its next match in the Europa League on October 3 against the Cypriot club Apollon Limassol to empty stands. In previous games the Polish fans fired signal rockets and waved banners that insulted the opposing teams. But hooliganism won't disappear as a result of the ban, the conservative daily Rzeczpospolita fears: "The Polish state and the clubs that let the hooligans run wild have faced this problem for a long time now. The hooligans in Posen know that best, because the club Lech has already buckled under to them. Soon they'll score similar successes with Legia, whose chairman grew up in the hooligan milieu and fraternised with the offenders. The clubs complain that they have to bear the costs. And I can understand the pain felt by their chairmen. But a stadium is not a legal vacuum."

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