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Żuk, Piotr

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Przegląd - Poland | 30/05/2013

Piotr Żuk on the Poles' progressiveness in day-to-day life

Conservative parties dominate politics in Poland, but in day-to-day life people are much more progressive than one might think, writes sociologist Piotr Żuk in the left-leaning weekly paper Przegląd: "This thesis is very well illustrated by the Poles' attitude to the Church. Religious and social rituals (for example marriage) continue to be important. In practice, however they no longer adhere so frequently to the Church's political guidelines. And that doesn't only concern anonymous statements in surveys about contraception, artificial insemination or Church intervention in politics, but above all daily political practices that don't tally with Church doctrines. These include the growing number of divorces. An increasing number of children are born outside of marriage. And acceptance of sexual minorities is growing slowly but steadily. Particularly important is that already in the early 1990s society had started to distinguish the sacred from the profane. Not so the political elites, who continued to believe in the omnipotence of the bishops."

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