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Uglietti, Barbara

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Avvenire - Italy | 23/10/2014

Protect teenagers from IS's online propaganda

German police took three underage girls from the US into protective custody on Saturday at Frankfurt airport. The girls reportedly wanted to join the terrorist Islamic State in Syria. Given the growing number of Western youths seduced by IS propaganda, action must be taken to fight the terrorist group on the Internet too, the Catholic daily Avvenire demands. "With its strategically organised 'victor' propaganda the IS is presenting a tempting and extremely accessible package on the social networks. The cheap flights and financial possibilities of the baby jihadists (mostly second-generation immigrants from well-off families) do the rest. ... The West must act in unison against this. If the IS does half of its 'work' online, we must banish it from the web. This is a form of ethnic censorship that has already borne fruit with the blocking of videos posted by the jihadists."

Avvenire - Italy | 23/10/2009

Iran giving in to pressure over nuclear issues?

The Israeli-Iranian meeting and the staunch denial on the part of Tehran could be a sign that Iran is changing its policy toward Israel, writes the Catholic daily Avvenire: "The Israelis and the Iranians haven't spoken with each other since the Islamic revolution in 1979. Undeniably, what we are seeing now is a change in attitude on both sides: On the one hand Iran, which doesn't even recognise the state of Israel, and on the other Israel, which considers Iran its arch enemy. It could well be that international pressure on Tehran over nuclear issues is proving effective. And paradoxically the attitude of the Iranian authorities can be seen as 'encouraging'. Their dogged denial of the meeting betrays their fear of being seen domestically as giving in on the nuclear front. For a regime that prides itself on its harsh, unyielding attitudes, such compliance is hard to justify."

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