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Tzivas, Giorgos

Politis, Cyprus

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Politis - Cyprus | 09/08/2012

For Giorgos Tzivas Cypriots only have themselves to blame for the crisis

Columnist Giorgos Tzivas writes in the liberal daily Politis that Cyprus's woes are not due to the crisis but to people's consumer habits and their inability to distinguish between what is needed and what is superfluous: "Crisis, crisis, crisis. This word is used constantly and everywhere to avoid calling a spade a spade. ... With their lack of judgement, it's clear people will see crises everywhere they look - although the only crisis that exists is a crisis of values. We've transformed our economy, our politics and our very lives into a realm entirely devoid of judgement. ... We had no idea what - or how much - we needed. Now we must get a grip on ourselves whether we like it or not. Only by judging correctly can we avoid the black hole of licentiousness, where our brains have always judged according to quantity and not quality."

Politis - Cyprus | 18/07/2012

Hot summers stoking fear in Cyprus

The current heat wave in Cyprus prompts Giorgos Tzivas of the liberal daily Politis to reflect on the fact that many of the tragedies of the island have taken place in the hot summer months of July and August. He recalls the Turkish invasion in July 1974, the Helios airways plane crash in August 2005 and the explosion at the Mari military base in the summer of 2011 and comments: "I'm forced to walk through Nikosia's hot streets and I think: … 43 to 44 degrees centigrade. Oppressive heat everywhere. Stifling. Air conditioners on non-stop. People suffering from heatstroke. Is this perhaps the climate that has made possible all those bad things in our history? … Could it be that our brains cease to function? One thing's for certain: they don't work like they should. Since we are on the 35th parallel, are we perhaps the Africans of Europe? The Mexicans of the Mediterranean? If two months of our year are hell and therefore completely useless, what can we expect of the remaining ten?" 

Politis - Cyprus | 17/11/2011

Only Papademos can change Greece

Greek tax inspectors had Georgios Petzetakis, one of Greece's best-known industrialists, arrested on Tuesday. He allegedly owes the state more than two million euros in taxes. At least the new transitional government is serious about fighting tax evasion, the liberal-conservative daily Politis writes approvingly: "When the two big parties Pasok and Nea Demokratia were in power, not a single tax evader was arrested. ... The new prime minister Lucas Papademos used the word 'fairness' in his first official address. ... Will further tax fraudsters be arrested now? There are dozens who have cheated the state. But it was unable to hold them to account. ... The state only has itself to blame, because it became a willing accomplice. ... If anything is to change in Greece, it must happen in the next three months [before the planned elections in February]. After that we will once more be lumped with the 'saviours' from Pasok and Nea Demokratia. ... They will not give up so easily because they've got used to the system of clientelism."

Politis - Cyprus | 20/04/2011

Giorgos Tzivas demands daily revenge for Jesus' defeat

Easter products are on sale all over the world at the moment. Giorgos Tzivas critcises in the liberal daily Politis the Easter industry and the commercialisation of Christian symbols. "This is exactly what angered Jesus. His very human fury drove him to overturn the tables in the temple because he could not tolerate such profanity. People will be worth nothing if they serve only money. What has happened to the meaning of Jesus' anger? ... What is this revolting charade in the face of an altruistic Jesus who is being defeated now as then. ... This is how I interpret what is happening today. I see it as a defeat for Jesus, who must be avenged. Not on a divine level, but every day, here on earth."

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