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Tziovaras, Grigoris

Proto Thema, Greece

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Proto Thema - Greece | 07/01/2016

Greeks fed up with Tsipras's lies

A newspaper that published a major interview with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on the weekend didn't sell well at newsstands across the country. That's because people are no longer interested in what the leader has to say, the liberal weekly paper Proto Thema believes: "Very few copies of the newspaper that published the interview with Tsipras were sold. Something similar happened with the viewer numbers of the state-run television channel ERT when it broadcast an interview with Tsipras a month ago. ... Only a few months ago even the news that a media outlet would publish an interview with the prime minister would have caused a sensation in the world of journalism. ... Clearly the impact of the monstrous lies the government stuffed down the people's throats is making itself felt."

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