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Turturică, Dan Cristian

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România Liberâ - Romania | 03/11/2015

Romanians resigned in the face of disaster

The number of people who have died of injuries sustained in a fire that broke out in a nightclub in Bucharest last Friday has risen to 31. The conservative daily România Liberă explains the Romanians' fatalistic reaction to such tragedies: "We are all trapped in a gigantic vicious circle. … The indolence, indifference and irresponsibility with which we pass through all kinds of traps on a daily basis is born of the conviction drummed into us during the times of communism that we can't change anything that goes beyond our family and homes anyway. The conviction that we are doomed to our fate and that of those who govern us. The fatalism with which history has endowed us has not diminished since 1990. … Even if we factor out the millions of Romanians who have taken their fate into their own hands, a large mass of people remains who have abdicated their right to decide what kind of life they live to a handful of leaders."

România Liberâ - Romania | 19/10/2015

Judiciary could renew Moldovans' confidence

The arrest of former Moldovan prime minister Vlad Filat on charges of corruption bodes well for the country, the conservative daily România Liberă writes in praise: "The investigation and the potential sentencing of Filat could be the signal that a true anti-corruption campaign is starting in the Republic of Moldova. Filat is by no means the only politician to have engaged in shady dealings. By launching a thorough campaign the prosecution can not only checkmate the heads of the pro-European parties, but also the communist leaders, oligarchs and heads of the pro-Russian parties. ... In short, everything the country's politicians have not been able to achieve - because their words about fighting corruption have never been followed by deeds - could now be achieved by the judiciary. It could renew the Moldovans' hopes that there are other models of government than communism based on mafia-type structures."

România Liberâ - Romania | 30/09/2014

Microsoft scandal allows Romanian fresh start

The Romanian National Anti-Corruption Authority DNA plans to open investigations against nine ex-ministers. According to FBI investigations into US software giant Microsoft they were bribed into signing software contracts. The conservative daily România Liberă hopes the whole affair will be thoroughly investigated: "The investigations will hit all the parties hard. As they were launched in the US, there practically zero risk that high-ranking politicians will be spared. ... Once details emerge about the main offenders' misdeeds there will also be details about those of their respective parties and business associates. ... Multiply each major computer contract in Romania by five to ten persons and you'll get an idea of the size of this battalion that has wasted hundred of millions in state funds. ... Breaking off the investigations would be a fiasco. ... A historic opportunity to thoroughly purge Romanian politics of corruption would be missed. A fresh start 25 years after the revolution."

România Liberâ - Romania | 29/04/2013

Băsescu's questionable chumminess

In Romania the "cooperation pact" between President Traian Băsescu and Prime Minister Victor Ponta is proving increasingly successful. Last Thursday Băsescu even voiced praise for his arch-rival Ponta's economic policy. The conservative daily Romania Libera finds the president's friendly overtures very suspect: "Băsescu is doing this because he doesn't want to depart as a loser, as a politician who was only allowed to finish his term of office because the foreign partners demanded it. He is doing it to be able to have some say in the election of his successor. ... Right now his interests have little to do with those of his country. ... Those who think Băsescu will save us from all the trouble we've brought upon ourselves either deliberately or through our failure to act should get ready to be sorely disappointed."

România Liberâ - Romania | 10/12/2012

Băsescu has no option but to nominate Ponta

According to preliminary results the Social Liberal Union (USL) under Prime Minister Victor Ponta has won Sunday's parliamentary elections in Romania with 57 percent of the vote. It is up to President Traian Băsescu to nominate the next prime minister, and he may decide against Ponta. But that would be ill-advised, the daily România Liberă comments: "If the USL holds to its stance that Victor Ponta should be the new prime minister and Băsescu refuses to comply,  he runs the risk of being suspended and then dismissed. Because no one, not even his strategic partners in the West, could come to his aid. ... It is still unclear whether Băsescu will be able to find a rival candidate. However the chances of this candidate attaining a majority in parliament are slim. ... President Băsescu must now make good on the promise he made a few days ago, act in conformity with the constitution and defend the rule of law."

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