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Turlin, Jean-Louis

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Le Figaro - France | 23/09/2008

The UN in need of reform

The United Nations Organisation is far from achieving its aims and is crippled by institutional problems, complains the liberal-conservative newspaper Le Figaro. "In the General Assembly's 63rd session the UN will seek to show its best side: that of an assembly of nations representing the weakest and the strongest states. But the recent blocking of its executive - the Security Council - underscores the need for reform. As things stand now the UN is more than ever a resonating body. ... With 100,000 Blue Helmets in operation the institution has never been as highly in demand as it is today. But comes up against regional interests. Its multilateral approach is sometimes seen as an attack on national sovereignty. The result: the Security Council cannot reach a consensus. It becomes powerless as soon as a crisis divides the five members with veto powers. ... Nevertheless all agree on one point: reform is urgently needed, and could begin in the months to come."

Le Figaro - France | 27/03/2008

9/11, a literary legend

In an interview conducted by Jean-Louis Turlin, the American writer Don DeLillo, whose last novel, 'Falling Man' has just been published in France, analyses the impact of the events of September 11th 2001 and terrorism on literature. "We are living in a dangerous era. What represents ephemeral news events for some, is for novelists a dangerous threat to the world. ... September 11 will become a major literary theme in the coming years if a sufficient number of young novelists feel they can measure up to the immense reality of the event. Will writers be ready to seriously tackle this major task where religion, politics and history all demand a place in the story? The novel, as a literary form, is hungry for experience. Its potential reach allows a writer to place enormous historical forces within the lives of individuals."

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