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Turcanu, Florin

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Revista 22 - Romania | 21/06/2010

Right-wing extremists cause trouble in Romania

The right-wing extremist MEP Csanád Szegedi, a member of the Hungarian Jobbik party, opened an office in the Romanian city of Târgu Mureş. Half of the Transylvanian city's population are members of the Hungarian minority and in March 1990 heavy riots broke out between the ethnic groups. The weekly Revista 22 sees the new office as a danger: "Jobbik in Romania means two things: the danger of politicisation portended by the racism and irredentism of a number of the Hungarian youths in Romania who ... are the primary target group for Szegedi's party. ... Moreover in the context of the crisis and an obviously not yet consolidated democracy Jobbik setting up shop here could lead to the rise of Romanian nationalist extremism - whether in the form of the New Right [ultra-right Romanian organisation] or another group. That's the last thing Romania needs right now. ... The Hungarian and Romanian extremists could end up clashing in all-out street fights. We already witnessed a similar scenario 20 years ago in Târgu Mureş."

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