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Turan, Rahmi

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Sözcü - Turkey | 18/02/2015

Death penalty can prevent violence against women

After the brutal murder of a student in the southern Turkish city of Mersin the Minister for Family Affairs and Minister for Economic Affairs have called for the death penalty to be reintroduced. In view of the growing violence against women columnist Rahmi Turan writes that this is a good idea in the Kemalist daily Sözcü: "In the last 12 years of AKP government the number of murdered women has reached a record level! 5,324 women have lost their lives to bullets, stabbings and beatings. ... Unfortunately the punishments for such crimes in Turkey are not working as a deterrent. Since the death penalty was abolished amidst a wave of enthusiasm for the EU, the number of crimes has exploded! Particularly when it comes to murders of children and women in connection with rape it is crucial to reintroduce the death penalty to teach potential perpetrators a lesson - for the sake of the public conscience and for peace in the country. Every pervert and every monster must pay for his crimes. ... There is no other way to prevent brutality!"

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