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Türmen, Rıza

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T24 - Turkey | 31/05/2013

Turkey doesn't care about international agreement

Women in Turkey may not keep their maiden names after marriage. After a suit filed by two Turkish women against the law was rejected by a Turkish court, the European Court of Human rights (ECtHR) concurred on Tuesday with a previous decision, ruling that the Turkish judgement violates the European Charter of Human Rights. Turkish courts must abide by international conventions, the liberal online daily T24 urges, because they are bound to do so in paragraph 90 of the country's constitution: "This article in the constitution is not being applied. The decisions of the ECtHR were not taken into account by the court. ... In its almost 60-year history, the ECtHR has established a common European legal area. States in this area change their laws to correspond to the principles and standards of the ECtHR. As this example makes clear, Turkey has no problem with failing to conform to these standards."

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