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Tudor, Radu

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Jurnalul National - Romania | 09/04/2015

Nato troops in Romania only for defence

After Romania approved a law last week allowing foreign troops to be stationed in the country, the Russian Foreign Ministry voiced criticism on Wednesday that the planned Nato base will pose a threat to security in the region. The daily Jurnalul National takes a different view: "After 50 years of communism imposed on us by the Soviet military, the Romanians and other Nato countries see themselves forced to build up their defence and security mechanisms. Romania's territory and people will be safe as long as the North Atlantic Treaty sticks to Article 5 [the one-for-all-and-all-for-one article] and takes the necessary measures when provocations occur. Romania doesn't want a war, nor does Nato. There is no immediate threat of war. All the measures are one hundred percent defensive and needn't trouble anyone. Anyone who believes Romania is arming for war has a distorted view of the situation."

Jurnalul National - Romania | 07/10/2010

Voting fraud in Romania constitutional

Despite video footage showing that only 80 MPs were present in the Romanian parliament during a vote on Romania's new pension law, 170 votes were recorded in the voting protocol. The constitutional court nonetheless declared on Wednesday that it had failed to find any irregularities with the vote. The daily Jurnalul National is appalled: "Since there was a video recording and eyewitnesses to the event it was the duty of the Constitutional Court to investigate whether a majority of parliamentarians voted on the law. … However it didn't and instead allowed the three-week deadline for verification to expire, while intensive political negotiations were taking place at the highest level. … Millions of Romanians have seen the video recording yet the Constitutional Court has not. In this way a violation of the law has produced a new law and a breach of the constitution is now in conformity with the constitution."

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