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Tuchanina, Olga

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Komsomolskaja Prawda - Russia | 28/08/2014

Global perspectives: West leaves eastern Ukrainian civilians in the lurch

Russia plans to send a second aid convoy to Ukraine, according to its foreign ministry. The Russian pro-government tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda complains that the West is keener to criticise Russia than to do something to help: "All the facts prove that a humanitarian crisis has broken out in the southeast of Ukraine. Every day peaceful civilians are killed and the survivors are cut off from all supplies. ... Western diplomacy is trying to convince the international community that Russia is to blame for all these events. Well, that's their opinion. But where is the help from Europe and the US? ... The civilised world is closing its eyes to the suffering of these people. ... The girls from Pussy Riot deserved the world's attention. But the girls that are lying dead on the street in Luhansk and Donetzk apparently do not."

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