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tsimas, pavlos

TA NEA, Greece

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Ta Nea - Greece | 26/06/2010

Pavlos Tzimas hopes shock following bomb explosion will heal

Greece is still reeling from the shock following a fatal bomb attack on the Ministry for Civil Protection. A policeman was killed by a parcel bomb only a couple of metres away from the minister's office. The renowned columnist Pavlos Tzimas hopes in the daily Ta Nea the shock will have a liberating effect: "It is as if the feeling of sorrow and uncertainty is being poured into the already bitter cocktail of fears, confusion and unrest. As if a roadsign had been placed in our hands to show us the distance, the light years that separate us from the year 2004 [the Athens Olympic games], when we believed for a moment that the country had freed itself from the ghosts haunting it ... and had acquired the magic power to guarantee its citizens prosperity and security without having to bear the costs and effort of a reform. ... What is certain is that this country, which once believed itself to dwell among the inhabitants of Olympia, now feels as if it has descended into the ranks of the dark figures of the Underworld. ... It would be desirable if the shock caused by the explosion had a liberating effect. Something healing rather than fatal. In order to get a government moving again which is trying to implement fundamental changes [austerity measures] in an unprepared and improvisatory fashion without being able to fit them into a plan for the future."

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