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Tsigularov, Krassimir

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Sega - Bulgaria | 11/04/2013

Bulgaria is one big pothole

A deep pothole on the Bulgarian side of what is currently the only bridge over the Danube to Romania has almost crippled heavy vehicle traffic between the two states. "A pothole is blocking the route from Europe to Asia", Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev complained, who visited the site on Wednesday. In fact it was Plevneliev who inaugurated the newly-renovated bridge in September 2011 as construction minister, the daily Sega remembers: "Back then the media reported enthusiastically on how the road surface and bridge lighting had been replaced for the first time since the bridge was built in 1954, and how the long waits on Romania's border would finally end. A year and a half later a huge pothole now gapes in the road, lorry traffic is paralysed and lines stretching back for kilometres have formed at all the border crossings. At times like this we are forced to admit: our entire country is one huge pothole separating Europe and Asia."

Trud - Bulgaria | 17/10/2011

Outraged Bulgarians don't protest

Demonstrations against the power of the financial markets continued across the world on Monday. Only the Bulgarians look on impassively, complains the daily Trud: "People have had enough of governments and international banks feverishly trying to save the financial system - including its deceitful financial order - in the last decade, while leaving the citizens who depend on the economy in the lurch. In countries where the sense of justice and equal rights is genetically inborn, this dissatisfaction is now taking the form of spontaneous, targeted protests. In countries like ours, by contrast, the dissatisfaction has long been discernible, but it is not expressed and instead makes itself felt in other, often ugly ways. Here no one puts the government under pressure. And things will probably remain that way as long as we fail to understand that our country's 'virtual' politics is also destroying our real lives."

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