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Tsekeris, Charalambos

Greece, Professor of Sociology

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To Vima Online - Greece | 16/07/2009

The power of blogs

Sociology professor Charalambos Tsekeris analyses in the daily To Vima the role of blogs in today's world: "The dynamic operative fusion between information and Internet techonology has taken on the dimensions of a daily social revolution. The huge, inexhaustible and undiminishing power of the blog has conquered the static, homogenous and one-sided logic of television and television coverage. … For the first time in the history of human communication dialogue is making listeners autonomous, individualised and active … in a truly democratic way. Now you have lots of people communicating with lots of people and not just one to one (as for example with the telephone) or one person communicating with many (as with radio and television). … Theoretically a communication situation in which everyone talks to everyone will lead to an absolute stability of the system. … But in reality many talk to many on the World Wide Web and are continuously producing local units and causing a radical transformation of the social structure (online and offline)."

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