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Tsacheva, Lilia

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Trud - Bulgaria | 19/10/2011

Punish parties with secret police candidates

The conservative ruling party Gerb has proposed 35 mayoral candidates for Bulgaria's local elections on Sunday who are former employees of the communist secret service, the Bulgarian authority for state security files announced on Tuesday. As with other parties this is an expression of a lack of principles in dealing with the past, writes the daily Trud: "They were chased out of diplomatic service and a minister was even forced to step down because he had worked for the communist secret service. ... But what was the whole thing about if the secret service agents were going to end up back on the ballot papers anyway? Even the avowed anti-secret service parties - the conservative DSB and the SDS - have three mayoral candidates with a secret service past. That may not be much but it's not about the numbers but the principle. With just a few days before the elections take place the parties can no longer withdraw anyone from their lists. The voters however have the option of castigating their parties if they don't like secret service candidates."

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