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Trusewicz, Iwona

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Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 19/06/2015

Gazprom's new Nord Stream project just a show

The Russian company Gazprom signed a declaration of intent with several Western energy companies for the construction of two new lines to be added to the Baltic Nord Stream pipeline on Thursday. The conservative daily Rzeczpospolita sees the project as unrealistic: "Clearly Gazprom had to sign something to keep the political decision-makers in the Kremlin happy. ... And the Western companies had to sign something that will keep their Russian business running smoothly and ensure Moscow's favour, without undermining the EU sanctions. For that reason this protocol is nothing more than a declaration of pious hopes and good intentions, which as we all know often lead to nothing. No one has committed themselves and everyone is happy. The reality, however, is that Gazprom has no money for the construction. And Europe doesn't need more gas, but less."

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