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Truijens, Aleid

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De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 04/11/2009

Gay sex still a sin for Calvinists

In the Netherlands the government-subsidised "Gays in the Class" project is being launched at the country's strict Protestant schools in a bid to combat discrimination against homosexuals. But the daily De Volkskrant takes the view that it won't change the convictions of the Calvinist organisers of the project in the slightest: "On the websites of the organisers you can read what they really mean: homosexuality isn't criticised, but homosexual intercourse is. We must lovingly tolerate the sinners as long as they don't commit the sin. … The testimonies in the blogs are heartbreaking: depressed homosexual fathers suffering from years of abstinence; a woman who broke off her relationship with her girlfriend with a bleeding heart because God demanded this of her. … Is this what [Minister for Education Ronald] Plasterk wants the students to learn? The person in charge of education must ensure that Article 1 [of the constitution on equality] is applied. At schools it's not the parents who have the final say, it's not the directors, and it certainly isn't God."

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