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Tropankev, Ivan

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Monitor - Bulgaria | 26/01/2012

Pardoned murderers threaten Bulgaria

According to the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice, Vice President Angel Marin, who stepped down on Sunday, pardoned 533 prison inmates in the past year alone, many of them dangerous criminals. Over 150 of them were doing time for murder. The pro-government daily Monitor demands an explanation: "This huge gang of killers on the loose constitutes a serious threat to the state. As long as they are free to roam among us, we needn't be surprised at the many cases of arson, violent killings and robberies we've been seeing in recent times. ... It is clear from the announcement that those pardoned not only represent a threat to the families of their victims, but are also liable to commit even more gruesome crimes. With his brazen impudence, Marin has made a mockery of the work of thousands of policemen and officials of justice. He must be called to account and punished for his deeds."

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