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Trkanjec, Željko

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1.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 16/11/2015

Paris lifestyle a symbolic target

The attackers wanted to destroy the spirit of the city of Paris with their attack, the liberal daily Jutarnji list believes: "Paris is the symbol ... » more

2.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 11/11/2015

Rajoy gives grist to the mill of separatists

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajy could be playing into the hands of secessionists with his staunch opposition to Catalonian independence, the liberal daily Jutarnji list ... » more

3.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 06/08/2015

Arbitrator in border dispute no dream job

The international tribunal on the border dispute between Slovenia and Croatia is on the brink of failure. Just a week ago Slovenia appointed Ronny Abraham, ... » more

4.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 13/07/2015

Agreement will strengthen the EU

The negotiating partners in the Greek crisis seem to be aware of their historical responsibility, the liberal daily Jutarnji List writes in praise: "The Greek ... » more

5.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 23/01/2015

Syriza victory would be start of Europe's demise

The latest polls indicate a clear victory for the left-wing Syriza party in the Greek parliamentary elections on Sunday. This outcome would be the start ... » more

6.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 03/12/2014

Tusk is a challenge for Russia

Russia is not at all pleased that with Donald Tusk an Eastern European has for the first time taken over one of the highest functions ... » more

7.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 06/11/2014

Orbán turning his back on EU with South Stream

The Hungarian parliament passed a law on Monday which sidesteps EU licensing procedures to accelerate the expansion of the South Stream gas pipeline. Prime Minister ... » more

8.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 09/10/2014

Inactive Turkey now a problem in Middle East

Turkey's inactivity in the battle for Kobane highlights the failure of its interest-driven politics and makes the country itself a new problem region in the ... » more

9.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 16/09/2014

Russia losing influence in the Balkans

As a result of the Ukraine crisis Russia's traditional allies in the Balkans are one after another turning their backs on Moscow, columnist Željko Trkanec ... » more

10.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 30/07/2014

Punitive measures a necessary evil

The sanctions are the right answer to Russia's aggression, the liberal daily Jutarnji List writes, and calls on the Croatians to bear any retaliatory measures ... » more


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