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Trifonova, Pavlina

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24 Chasa - Bulgaria | 30/04/2013

Bulgaria should care for Europe's seniors

The Bulgarian Economy Minister Assen Vassilev wants to attract seniors in need of care from Western Europe to promote health tourism and prevent sanatoriums from closing down. The daily 24 Chasa backs the idea: "Of course it sounds risky to import pensioners from abroad when you can hardly offer local seniors a normal life. On the other hand, there are hardly any alternatives. The rampant corruption, the sluggish judiciary and the lack of qualified workers is enough to discourage most foreign investors. ... And hoping that young exiled Bulgarians will return and whip the country into shape is unrealistic. So the idea of caring for elderly Western Europeans in Bulgaria isn't so bad after all. Especially as many Bulgarian women are already doing just that, only in Greece, Italy, Germany and England. They would certainly love to come back home and be with their families if they could find jobs here."

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