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Triantis, Giannis

Eletherotypia, Greece

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Eleftherotypia - Greece | 09/12/2013

Only European rebellion can save Greeks

Despite the desolate situation of the Greek economy, the troika wants to stick to the stringent austerity drive. Only a pan-European rebellion can save the Greeks from this erroneous policy, the left-liberal daily Eleftherotypia believes: "A rebellion not just against the current decisions in Europe, but also against the structures of the EU, which are responsible for the current developments in Europe. ... The Euroscepticism is not enough, even if it is articulated in next year's European elections. We need a huge wave of protest in Europe. However we don't know whether such a protest will gather any momentum. Some societies are choosing to - or being forced to - subjugate themselves to survive, and are therefore avoiding the risk of a radical upheaval. Unless they're completely reduced to poverty, that is. Then anything is possible."

Eleftherotypia - Greece | 02/12/2013

Greek job market turning into slave market

A hotel on the Greek island of Ägina published a job advertisement a few days ago looking for a maid willing to work for nothing but food and lodgings. According to the left-liberal daily Eleftherotypia, the ad says a lot about the future of Greece: "A life on the fringes of existence. An empty, hopeless life in which poverty is seen as normal, and the many people without means of their own seem privileged in comparison with the starving masses. ... Countless people without jobs are anxious and fearful about securing even the minimum to survive. This is making the job market more and more like a slave market. People are working for a pittance and giving up all their rights. ... And as far as human dignity is concerned: under the weight of the lack of the bare necessities for survival it is increasingly losing all meaning."

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