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Triandafillidis, Kiriakos

Member of he EU-Parliament (AKEL-Party)

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Phileleftheros - Cyprus | 17/07/2008

The demographic problem in Europe

Kiriakos Triandafilidis, the Greek MEP for the left-wing party AKEL, talks in the daily Philelefteros about solutions for Europe's demographic problems. "In the EU the [decline in population] is seen as the main threat for the job market, but also for the welfare state system and for covering the costs of old-age pensions. Consequently the search for solutions is intense. Three possibilities are stressed in the discussions on this subject. First, raising the retirement age; second, migration, and third, implementing policies aimed at increasing the birth rate. The first two solutions should not ... be key to our vision of a social Europe. ... The only solution that can ... solve the demographic problem is ... the application of a policy directed at raising the birth rate. ... The latter is directly linked to a sense of security, ... quality of life ... and generally to the sense of security people, and in particular young couples should have when they start a family."

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