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Triandafillidis, Kiriakos

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Phileleftheros - Cyprus | 05/07/2009

Workers bear the consequences of the crisis

Kiriakos Triandafillidis, a Cypriot MEP for the leftist Progressive Party of Working People, criticises layoffs in Europe in the daily Philelefthero and calls for a strong state: "The economic crisis has shifted from companies onto workers. For one simple reason: as always, the weaker are the ones to bear the brunt. In this unequal struggle employers have always chosen an unethical dilemma as their weapon. Either they maintain the current number of jobs but with adapted work rules, meaning workers can be exploited. Or they take the easier path of bankruptcy to rescue the remaining reserves ... while ignoring the social consequences of their decision. ... The employers' side justifies each of their decisions by saying they are consequences of the crisis. ... In all of this the state must play a decisive role. The state must rebuff the philosophy of total liberalisation of the national market and put an end to these attacks on workers."

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