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Tretbar, Christian

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Der Tagesspiegel - Germany | 04/02/2014

Facebook reaches its limits

Facebook celebrates its tenth birthday today, Tuesday. With 1.2 billion users the network has reached the limits of its growth, the liberal daily Der Tagesspiegel writes: "Young people are increasingly attracted by other services. But as long as people in their mid-30s and upwards go on using it, that won't cause any major problems for Facebook. ... And now the network is so strong that if need be it could simply swallow up any strong competitors. But growth does represent a challenge. Even Facebook can't escape the logic of the market. The Western market for the service is growing smaller and smaller because it has practically grazed this pasture clean. Other Internet firms like Google or Amazon are in the same boat, which is why China - with its potential of information- and consumer-hungry masses - increasingly represents a sort of El Dorado. But until now none of these companies has managed to get a foot in the door there. Because it's not data protection that's the sector's major enemy, but limitations to the freedom of opinion."

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