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Traykov, Georgi

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Trud - Bulgaria | 09/06/2011

EU doesn't want Bulgaria

At their meeting on Thursday the EU interior ministers decided against allowing Bulgaria and Romania to join the Schengen Area in the near future. The EU has double standards, the daily Trud complains: "Not only does Bulgaria fulfil all the technical criteria for controlling its borders. The EU Parliament also gave Bulgaria a green light for Schengen accession by an overwhelming majority. The only thing countering these unmistakable facts is unproven political doubt. Some ministers were suddenly gripped by fears that there is too much corruption in Bulgaria and that we would start divulging secrets. Then why isn't Greece expelled from the Schengen Area? It's considered more corrupt than Bulgaria. Then doubts were voiced about whether we can protect our borders. Fine, then Italy should be excluded because it can't cope with its refugees from Africa. But if it's simply that they regret ever allowing us into the EU in the first place and now want to exact revenge then it has to be said that the decisions of Old Europe's oh so hallowed democracy are pitiful."

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