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Trávníček, Jiří

tschechischer Literaturwissenschaftler und -kritiker

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Lettre - Hungary | 18/01/2011

Jiří Trávníček on the struggles of liberated literary life

The freedom achieved by the Czechs through the Velvet Revolution in 1989 has also liberated literary life in the Czech Republic. But it has allowed disruptive factors to penetrate this erstwhile protected sphere, writes Czech literary critic Jiří Trávníček in the quarterly magazine Magyar Lettre International: "All of a sudden Czech literature 'shrunk' to become just one among many literatures. … It was not accustomed to this. The Czech writer had always seen himself as something more than a mere 'author of books'. … The Czech writer has never been as exposed to competition from translated foreign literature as he is today. Currying the favour of readers is much more difficult nowadays. Nor is the situation of the reader easy: There are so many kinds of works on the book market that he is simply unable to keep an overview. Literary life has lost its fixed structure. … The borderline between Czech literature and international literature is more blurred now than ever."

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