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Trandafir, Teodora

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Evenimentul Zilei - Romania | 26/11/2009

Parking spaces worth their weight in gold

In the Romanian capital of Bucharest there are far more cars than parking spaces, resulting in battles between car drivers over empty spaces and a booming business niche for estate agents, the daily Evenimentul Zilei writes: "They'll do almost anything … for their piece of the street - they set traps, pull off windscreen wipers and stickers, lie in wait all night long to catch the criminal who dares to enter their [parking space] domain. … So it's no wonder estate agents have discovered they can make a fortune with car owners. … No one gets away without paying a fee of 5,000 euros, and depending on the part of town or the desired level of comfort people have to pay up to 15,000 euros [for parking spaces]. … The price some desperados pay to be left in peace is sometimes higher than the value of their vehicles. … For sure, the solution could be to leave the car at home, but then why would you buy one in the first place?"

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