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Tramba, David

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Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 10/11/2011

Nuclear energy slows climate change

The International Energy Agency of the OECD on Wednesday called for a swift change in energy policy to prevent climate change from getting out of control. The agency was particularly critical of Germany's nuclear phaseout. The conservative daily Lidové noviny agrees: "The rise in greenhouse gas emissions must stop by 2017, at the very latest, the agency said. Otherwise the rise in temperatures could not be maintained below two degrees Celsius. If China and other emerging economies continue to produce the levels of emissions they have done so far, we will have to adjust to a rise in temperature of six degrees. ... The agency essentially repeated what has been known for a long time now. The battle against nuclear and coal energy will at best lead to the imposition of quotas and daily power failures. It's time to accept the lesser evil: nuclear energy."

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 31/08/2011

Solar power for Germany won't save Athens

Athens is considering generating solar power on a large scale and exporting it to Germany. But the plan has its weak points, notes the conservative daily Lidové noviny: "At first glance the logic is tempting: Greece has plenty of sun and the Germans are clamouring for alternative energy. But direct transit lines are lacking; the electricity can only get as far as Bulgaria, Albania or Serbia. Another problem: the Greek energy monopolist PPC has no money for investment, foreign countries would have to help out. And what does the Greek economy stand to gain from this? The solar cells would most likely be built in China. And the profits from the sale of electricity and dividends for investors would go abroad. That leaves the jobs for a couple of thousand watchmen and maintenance workers. And that certainly won't save the Greek economy."

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 11/11/2010

EU's energy policy hypocritical

EU energy commissioner Günther Oettinger on Wednesday presented a European energy strategy which foresees up to a trillion euros in investments by 2020. The conservative daily Lidové noviny takes a critical view of his proposals: "The strategy calls on the member states among other things to standardise and speed up licensing procedures for energy facilities and their construction. We could cry out: 'Hurrah, at last a sensible proposal!' But in the past it was always the EU that forced paragraphs on its members making the construction of new power stations and supply networks incredibly difficult. If now the very same people who come up with big environmental programmes, bird reserves and whatnot are the one's calling for simplification that's plain hypocrisy. Why for example would anyone want to build new coal and gas power stations if the EU is then going to come along and slap them with penalising emissions restrictions?"

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