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Trad, Ruslan

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1 article of this author has been cited in the European Press Review so far. - Bulgaria | 22/09/2014

Defeat IS through religious tolerance

The terrorist IS can't be beaten with bombs alone, the news portal warns: "The 'Islamic State' is mainly viewed as a military threat and a security problem, while its ideological aspects are largely ignored. ... The core of the terrorist militia, however, is its ideology based on an extremist interpretation of Islam. ... Bombs are not the right means for countering this ideology. Far more efficient would be to develop a consensus on religious freedom. As long as America's allies [in the Middle East] don't stop using religious exclusion as a means of cementing power and control in their own countries, and as long as they refuse to promote religious tolerance among their own citizens they will be part of the problem in the fight against the IS, rather than part of the solution."

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