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Toussaint, Gilles

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La Libre Belgique - Belgium | 09/12/2013

Advance social Europe

After a meeting on Monday at which the EU labour ministers agreed on measures to prevent wage dumping, the conservative daily La Libre Belgique writes that Europe is in urgent need of common social legislation: "In the current context of the rise of populism and rampant xenophobia, encouraging the idea that it's good to reject European labourers one after the next could result in enduring and grave damage to the motor of the Union. On the contrary, the time is right to lay the groundwork for a social Union through top-down harmonisation. A growing number of citizens feel that they are merely an adjustable variable, and not the true beneficiaries of this single market whose merits are so often vaunted. And these feelings must be countered. If the member states are unable to do that, they will give the Eurosceptics a huge advantage in the next European elections. That, in turn, would reduce the likelihood both of more solidarity and of a more prosperous Europe."

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