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Toussaint, Fé

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Trouw - Netherlands | 13/07/2011

On the relevance of dead flies on cars

Researchers have counted the number of dead insects on number plates and found out that in the Netherlands 133 billion die in car traffic every year. An embarrassing study, the columnist Fé Toussaint writes in the Christian-Socialist daily Trouw: "So our money really is being spent on a hobby project like 'splash counter'. Is this really research on which the future of our knowledge economy depends? What's more, this pathetic study was pounced on greedily by the media, which went to great lengths to show dead bodies on dozens of number plates. Apparently the social relevance is greater than my prejudices allow me to believe. ... Apparently scientists think that dead insects are a more important reason for people to change their driving habits than the dangerously high levels of CO2 emissions worldwide."

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