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Tóth, Csaba

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Magyar Narancs - Hungary | 05/05/2009

Conservatives' pragmatic relations with the right-wing extremists

The liberal intellectual weekly comments on relations between the conservative opposition party Fidesz and the right-wing extremist Jobbik party: "The relations between Fidesz and Jobbik are of an entirely pragmatic nature - this means that Fidesz by no means sees Jobbik as a political force acting outside the democratic framework. … As far as relations between Fidesz and Jobbik are concerned the hour of truth will come at the parliamentary elections next year. … At the moment it looks like Fidesz will make no effort whatsoever to put Jobbik 'in quarantine' (as other parliamentary parties have done). … When a party like Fidesz is riding a wave of popularity (the conservative opposition party has a clear lead in the opinion polls) it can afford to say: the spread of right-wing extremist views is bad. Yet Fidesz remains silent. Apparently it doesn't find right-wing extremist ideas repellent."

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