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Tóta W., Árpád

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hvg - Hungary | 13/01/2016

Dumb Hungarians annoyed about Golden Globe

Hungarian director László Nemes's film Son of Saul became the first Hungarian film to win a Golden Globe on Monday. In Hungary, however, the fact that a film about the Holocaust won has drawn criticism. In the centre-left weekly hvg commentator Árpád W. Tóta voices annoyance at his countrymen's stupidity: "The film is actually directed against you. Because what is the lesson to be learned from the last 70 years? That a country persecuted, exterminated and expelled people who could have been Hungarians if they had been allowed to. The film is directed against all those who still believe that the path [of ethnic homogeneity in Hungary] can lead to success and national greatness. … With your stubborn and narrow-minded stupidity you, dear Hungarians, are guaranteeing that you will remain frustrated for another thousand years. But no, by then you will all have died out."

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