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Toscano, Alberto

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The Guardian - United Kingdom | 07/10/2010

Italy goes astray

Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has caused further scandal by swearing in public and telling anti-Semitic jokes. But what will become of the country should the scandalous leader really go, asks the left-liberal daily The Guardian: "Removing Berlusconi, without radically addressing how far the whole society has regressed in the last two decades, will simply mean Italy will become ... 'a normal country'. That is to say, in the present European and global context, increasingly unequal, prejudiced and fearful. … It is time to abandon the delusion that one can enact social-democratic ends with neoliberal means, and to find a contemporary vocabulary to address the often one-sided conflict between labour and capital which lies behind rising inequality and work 'flexibility'. Otherwise, Italy will simply continue on the same disastrous path with a more presentable face at its helm."

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