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Točs, Sandris

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1.  Diena - Latvia | 23/01/2014

Latvia fears for its smoked sausages

Companies that produce meat in Latvia are concerned because the deadline for implementing an EU directive that forbids traditional methods for smoking and curing meat ... » more

2.  Diena - Latvia | 01/10/2013

Dual citizenship to lure back Latvians

Latvia introduced dual citizenship on Tuesday. After a prolonged controversy the parliament in Riga had recently approved new legislation to this effect. The liberal daily ... » more

3.  Diena - Latvia | 03/09/2013

Baltic need not fear Russia

The presidents of the three Baltic states visited US President Barack Obama in Washington last week. The United States sees the Baltic as a bridge ... » more

4.  Diena - Latvia | 02/04/2013

Latvia must save major employer

In Latvia the metal-processing company Liepājas Metalurgs is on the brink of bankruptcy. The daily Diena calls for the state to step in and help: ... » more

5.  Diena - Latvia | 20/02/2013

Latvia needs new transport minister pronto

Latvia's Minister of Transport Aivis Ronis announced his resignation in mid-January, but a successor to the post has yet to be found. Given the tasks ... » more

6.  Diena - Latvia | 15/02/2013

Latvia must also implement social charter

The Latvian parliament ratified the European Social Charter on Thursday, and in so doing recognised the right of low-income earners to social support. The problem ... » more


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