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Torres López, Juan

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Público - Spain | 16/08/2013

Europe's growth won't boost consumption

The Eurozone's nascent return to economic growth won't automatically have positive impact on its citizens, the left-leaning online newspaper Público writes sceptically: "The figures we have seen for the last few quarters and which will probably be confirmed for the second quarter show great disparities in the growth rates for the different sectors, and confirm that the recovery is confined to certain branches. In these sectors hardly any jobs are being created, and the jobs that have been created are very precarious and disgracefully paid, to use the terminology of the International Labour Organization. So the income they generate doesn't lead to any substantial increase in consumption or structural changes to the economic situation."

Público - Spain | 05/03/2013

Those in power are the real clowns

Germany's social democratic chancellor candidate Peer Steinbrück last week described the two Italian politicians Silvio Berlusconi and Beppe Grillo as clowns. But to brand Grillo a clown is just a panic reaction from the truly ridiculous politicians, economist Juan Torres López writes in his blog with the left-leaning online paper Público: "They say that the leader is a clown. … It wouldn't really matter if this wasn't meant to divert attention from those who are really acting like clowns in Europe. Who is the bigger clown? He who calls on the people to fight against corruption and lies, against the permanent cheating of the banks? Or those who sit in government and lie to us and allow people to be cheated, making a show of their unscrupulousness and incompetence day after day? In Europe there are many clowns who are doing great harm to the majority of the people by distracting them while they take the money from their pockets. … The real clowns are those in power, and if they hurl insults this is perhaps simply because they are starting to get nervous."

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