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Torres, David

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Público - Spain | 24/03/2014

Suárez's death replaces protest in media

Spain's first democratically elected prime minister, Adolfo Suárez, died on Sunday aged 81. The left-leaning online daily Público is annoyed that amidst all the hype over the last hours of Suárez, who had been ailing for years, the press forgot to cover a mass protest in which demonstrators from all over the country marched to the capital on foot: "Instead of reporting on the biggest protest march the capital has witnessed for a long time, this weekend the entire press set up camp outside the hospital to accompany Adolfo Suárez in his last hours as if it was a Viking funeral. The journalists managed to interview everyone involved, even the gynaecologist on duty. In sync with our first democratic president's Alzheimer's, Spanish journalism has also progressively forgotten its pride, its purpose and its duties."

El Mundo - Spain | 22/01/2009

A hysterical moment

David Torres comments in El Mundo on what he calls the artificial euphoria over Barack Obama and his inaugural speech as US president. As opposed to other commentators he describes the speech as a "hysterical", not a historical, moment: "I'm sorry, but unlike those of Churchill or Cicero, Obama's speech - judged in its own right - will not go down in history as a masterpiece of rhetoric. What it is is an impressive conglomeration of empty phrases, whose major impact stems from the fact that they were spoken by someone who as everyone knows is not called George Bush Junior."

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