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Tornielli, Andrea

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La Stampa - Italy | 26/11/2014

The world needs Europe more than ever

The Pope was right to remind Europe of its international responsibilities, the liberal daily La Stampa comments in praise: "Europe, before whom the Bishop of Rome spoke when he addressed the representatives of the continent's more than 500 million citizens, is no longer the centre of the world. It is a weary continent that has gone from being 'Mother Europe' to 'Grandmother Europe'. A continent that has not only lost its identity and Christian roots, but also seems to have forgotten the reasons for its unity - the very same reasons which have given nations and peoples who fought each other for centuries such a long period of peace. A Europe that is shirking its responsibility on the international stage, that is incapable of speaking with one voice and of using its diplomatic 'weapons' where necessary. ... Europe may no longer be the centre of the world. But the world needs Europe more than ever. The pope from Argentina reminded us of this yesterday."

La Stampa - Italy | 17/08/2011

Pope encourages youth

Pope Benedict XVI is due to arrive for a four-day visit in Madrid on Thursday on the occasion of the 26th World Youth Day. The German pope has adopted the same strategy as his predecessor John Paul II, the liberal daily La Stampa comments happily: "This is the third World Youth Day to be celebrated under the papacy of Benedict XVI. But it is the first since the beatification of John Paul II. Defying all the prognoses to the contrary, which tended to see him as cool towards such events, Benedict XVI is faithfully following in the footsteps of his predecessor. In doing so he is demonstrating that he shares without reservations the conviction of Wojtyła, who from the outset of his long papacy placed great emphasis on establishing dialogue with the youth. ... At a time when the world needs ideals perhaps more than ever, Ratzinger will once again call on the youth not to suppress their questions and fears and not to smother their desire to find the meaning of life in cynicism."

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