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Topolánek, Mirek

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Financial Times - United Kingdom | 27/02/2009

Mirek Topolánek on discipline and prudence in times of crisis

Mirek Topolánek, the prime minister of the Czech Republic, writes in the Financial Times on the European way out of the crisis: "I strongly believe that instead of helpless wandering and trial and error, discipline and prudence must be maintained: fiscal rules (the growth and stability pact); a free market without barriers; and fair competition without protectionism and random, uncontrolled subsidies. Without true unity, the EU will fail to cope with recession and fail to shape future developments at an international level. Therefore, if we cannot rely on a deus ex machina, the member states should, in co-operation with the EU institutions, resort to one thing only: force the banks to get rid of impaired assets that continue to poison the internal market, and instead allow viable companies to invest and get the European economy back on its original track – towards liberalisation and increasing competitiveness – by adopting a responsible lending policy."

Mladá fronta dnes - Czech Republic | 20/11/2008

Rather kiss Merkel than hug the Russian bear

In an opinion piece for the liberal daily Mladá fronta DNES Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek defends the Treaty of Lisbon against the harsh criticism of president Václav Klaus: "The EU and Nato have been an integral part of our foreign policy since the fall of communism. They serve as a buffer against Moscow's superpower ambitions. It is therefore far better if in reaction to Klaus's criticism of Lisbon I exchange kisses with the German Chancellor [Angela Merkel] rather than hugging the Russian bear. ...Will Lisbon harm the Czech Republic's national interests? Anyone who says 'yes' must take the second step after taking the first: In this case it would be appropriate to withdraw from the Union. It was clear when Klaus signed the application for EU membership that we would lose part of our sovereignty. In exchange we were given access to the single market, to a zone of freedom, security and prosperity. ... The question is not: Lisbon or nothing. The real choice is between Lisbon or Moscow."

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