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Toplak, Simona

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Finance - Slovenia | 04/05/2010

Slovenian referendum must resolve border dispute

"The Slovenian parliament resolved on Monday to hold a referendum on the country's border agreement with Croatia - which involves setting up an international tribunal to resolve the dispute - on June 6. Simona Toplak regrets in the daily Finance that the countries' politicians haven't been able to solve the problem over the past 20 years: "We Slovenians aren't dumb, and neither are the Croatians. We deserve a normal European border, we deserve sea routes that will serve the interest of trade, not politics. ... Nor can I count on our politicians finding a reasonable solution in the next 20 - or even 200 years. Of course my wish is that we will finally normalise our relations with Croatia, so the most reasonable thing is to support the arbitration agreement. It isn't perfect, and it's sad that we have to ask more level-headed foreigners to sort this matter out for us."

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