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Tõnisson, Roland

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Õhtuleht - Estonia | 01/12/2014

Estonia will also introduce gay marriage

The Finnish parliament passed a law legalising same-sex marriage on Friday. After introducing the registered partnership in October Estonia will also take this step, theologist Roland Tõnisson writes in the tabloid Õhtuleht: "The advocates of a partnership law in Estonia claim they have no intention whatsoever of demanding the introduction of same-sex marriage. Finland was in a similar situation in 2002, when same-sex couples were granted the right to register their partnership. Back then there were also assurances that no further steps would be called for in Finland. ... It took 14 years in Iceland and 23 years in Denmark to go from same-sex partnerships to same-sex marriage laws. Until now Finland was the only country in Scandinavia where such a law didn't yet exist. It would be naïve to believe that this law won't be pushed through in Estonia too sooner or later."

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